We specialize in creating messaging for brands, companies, and social projects. We ensure that it is distinctive, unconventional, and effective, while also utilizing the most appropriate media and available technology for its implementation.

For several years, we have been creating both small and large communication campaigns – commercial ones for companies, as well as CSR and social campaigns. We also work on a project basis with many of our clients.

We work with traditional media and social media. We co-create strategies, implement various actions, and use different tools. We seek, understand, and articulate what brands, companies, and institutions want to convey. We analyze and communicate, write and design graphically.

Monika Majcher

Founder and CEO, responsible for business and client relations

Piotr Majcher

Consultant, turns invented ideas into good ideas

Anna Szmida

Manager, ensures good PR and communication, master of research

Maciej Sitarski

Manager, knows how to transform a brief into good and feasible ideas

Asia Buczko

Designs and illustrates, adept at balancing aesthetics and usability

Maciek Wrona

Owner of wrona.it, assists with web coding and online marketing

Communication in countless ways

In our work, well-researched consumer insights and creative ideas are essential, which we translate into compelling executions. This allows us to go beyond the conventional frameworks. We value creative courage and breaking conventions.


Scope of Activities

PR Product PR
Product PR

We always focus on the brand’s goals and aim to hit the mark with our messages. Our PR strategies are effective because they are tailored to individual needs. To achieve the best results, we utilize the knowledge, experience, and diverse talents of our team. We identify target groups, select the optimal communication channels and tools, and monitor the effectiveness of our actions to ensure we achieve our objectives.

PR Corporate PR
Corporate PR

We manage corporate PR for international and local companies, offering comprehensive services that include building and maintaining reputation, creating image, and effective communication with stakeholders. Our experienced team helps develop PR strategies, create content, and build media relationships. We believe in the effectiveness of close collaboration and can tailor our actions to the needs and business goals of any company, regardless of industry.

Social and CSR Campaigns
Social and CSR Campaigns

We excel in communicating CSR and conducting social campaigns. With over 10 years of experience in projects that contribute to building community engagement, educating, and drawing attention to important issues, we are well-versed in CSR principles and values. This understanding allows us to effectively advise clients and devise strategies that align with their missions and social goals. We support them at every stage of the campaign, from planning and creation to implementation and monitoring.

Social media Social media
Social media

We build online communities and communicate various messages through social media. We understand why well-managed social media communication makes a difference. We select appropriate platforms to reach specific groups, set goals, develop strategies, create engaging content, and manage profiles. We monitor, analyze, and report the outcomes of our actions, while staying updated on trends and keeping an eye on competitors.

Social media Influencer marketing
Influencer marketing

We create and prepare comprehensive, distinctive, and well-thought-out campaigns with influencers. Our ideas are based not only on data analysis but also on a keen sense of trends and careful selection of creators. We know that in such projects, balancing originality with accessibility and effectiveness is crucial.


From press conferences and briefings to premiere shows, store openings, and galas, we handle all aspects of event organization – from concept and graphic design to communication, technical support, and production. We select artists, invite celebrities, film the events, and provide quality photos. Our comprehensive event management ensures that the events are memorable and well-covered in the media.

Design and Production
Design and Production

We combine graphics and content, considering what brands and companies want to convey. We create designs that help good communication ideas stand out. We have a passion for fonts, colors, and have a keen sense of composition. We design logos and visual identity systems. We create well-thought-out graphics for social media, animations, and photos. Beyond designing, we also handle production – printing, embossing, decorating, sewing, and more.

Heima x Pola Projektowe


We design websites, write content for them, and create graphics and animations. We handle implementations, coding, front-end development, and assist with website maintenance. From small landing pages designed for campaigns to larger portals or applications.

Heima x No Input Signal x Wrona.it

We know well

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